82-Year-Old Body-Building Granny Beats the Snot Out of Would-Be Burglar


Willie Murphy isn’t your typical grandma. She might make you a plate of gooey chocolate chip cookies when you come over, but you can bet that she won’t partake. How could she, seeing that the 82-year-old is a former bodybuilding champion? She won it in 2014 and holds the nation-wide record in the bench for reps and Ironmaiden categories. Not too shabby for someone who retired at least two decades ago!

While Ms. Murphy’s bodybuilding achievements are well-known in her circle of like-minded physical phreaks, it’s not something the average person would know. And that’s where a would-be home intruder comes in. thinking that Ms. Murphy was an easy target, he probably thought he’d be in and out of her home with a bag full of grandma goodies. But boy, was he wrong.

The drunk would-be intruder arrived at Ms. Murphy’s doorstep unannounced and requested her to call for medical assistance. Seeing that he was in a drunk state of mind, it’d be easy for anyone to believe that this rambling fool was in dire need of professional help. But Ms. Murphy, being the vigilant heroine that puts superheroes to shame, wasn’t falling for it.

Ms. Murphy left the drunkard outside but was headed to her phone to call 911. That’s when the lunatic barged into her home, ready to do whatever he planned in his intoxicated mind. Little did he know, that was the most foolish thing he could ever do.

As soon as Ms. Murphy heard the noise of her door opening, her instincts immediately kicked in. She picked up the nearest table and swung it at the guy, who was still on all fours at her front door. The impact was so devastating that it broke the table into a million pieces. But the much-deserved beating didn’t end there.